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. to some degree that is largely dependent on the united states. what is the confidence level that you have the you will see the completion of this reform before the end of the meeting this october? thank you. >> it is not just the united states. clearly, there are others, including the g-20 countries, which have rectified the reform of 2010. it is not a u.s.-centric issue. the u.s. has a sizable quota and is my largest shareholder, if you will. but this afternoon in that camp i certainly hope that the european authorities at large, including congress, will appreciate how needed u.s. leadership is and how needed the imf rule is going to be needed going forward. not to promote crises around the world, but it is the indirect consequences of those remote crises, including on the u.s. economy. if there is something worth learning, it is the interdependence of them. >> how confident are you? >> i would definitely consider it. [laughter] >> maurice goldstein. institute for international economics. managing director, thank you for a most interesting speech. >> i am always cautious when an english
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1